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Agility Course

Show off your love for agility at your class or trial! Build your own course, or highlight just your dog's favourites.
Here is how to size:
Let's say your dog's neck is 16". Remove 6" for hardware (universal for all sizes), which leaves you with 10" of space to design. Each obstacle takes approx. 2", so you can fit a max of 5 obstacles in the rest of the space. The A-frame takes up 3", and the weaves and the tunnel can be extended.
So an example course for a 16" dog could be -
Bar jump, weaves, spread jump, hoop, pause table.
Of course, you can also include less than the max - if you wish to show off just your dog's favourite, or the obstacles that remind you of what a silly troublemaker they can be.
This collar is made using Beta Biothane and Swarovski crystals, and is built to stand up to dogs being dogs. When it gets dirty on your adventures, simply wash using soap and water to restore its beauty.
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