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Customs List is currently Closed

Customs are special one-off collars, designed and brought to life specifically for your dog. Give me as much or as little detail as you wish - I can work based off colours, ideas, photos of your pet, descriptions, fandoms, concepts - and so on. 

It is very important to me that you are happy with the final result, so we will do as many revisions as we need to make that happen.

Start by reaching out via the form below. Please include your dog's neck size. We will discuss the design and I will give you a quote. If you agree, I will add your order to my list. Collars are generally done in the order they are placed, though sometimes inspiration changes that. 

Collars typically take a week to craft once I start, though more intricate designs can take longer, depending on revisions. I will be reaching out via email frequently at this time with updates, questions and requests for approval.

Custom List is currently Closed