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Personalized Name Collar

A fancy collar that is as personal as your dog themselves! The center nameplate is 1.5” wide, with a 1” taper for hardware. The taper can be a different colour as in the example photo, or the same. 
How to size:
Let's say your dog's neck is 16". Remove 6" for hardware (universal for all sizes), which leaves you with 10" of space to design. Each letter takes approx. 1.5", so you can fit a max of 6 letters in the rest of the space. If your dog’s name fits into that, great! If not, you can always use just their initial.
This collar is made using Beta Biothane and Swarovski crystals, and is built to stand up to dogs being dogs. When it gets dirty on your adventures, simply wash using soap and water to restore its beauty.
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Collar Width:
1.5" with 1" taper